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Soul-Centered Consulting for Spiritual Humxns

What is Conscious Consulting?

As a Conscious Consultant, my deepest desire lies in providing services which are inclusive, diverse, and safe, allowing everyone to feel seen and be heard. 


I'm passionate about helping clients reach their goals, whether it’s through social media, written content, digital marketing channels, or consulting and coaching. I'm here to help you create meaningful connections that leave a lasting impression. 


My mission is to help clients reach their goals by connecting psyche, soul, and spirit.

About Me

I'm a Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Taurus Rising. 


Grab a cup of coffee or tea, your favorite fuzzy things, and settle in for some fun!

You get what you see here. Lots of honesty & authenticity along with cats, coffee, crystals and the occasional f*cking attitude.

Just a down to earth, #freakishlyshort humxn with a sh*t ton of feels. You've been warned.  

What I Do

Planner with crystals on top next to a laptop

Content Creatrix

In a social world muddled with filters, memes, and

inauthentic appearances, 

Conscious Social Content 

is the healing elixir. I unite my intuitive writing style to align with your branded content, mission, vision, and voice. 

Amethyst raw crystal, clear quartz tower, and rose quartz pendulum on top of a blank notebook


My writing style invites the reader to deeper curiosity!

Innovative Copywriting which provides mindful and genuine content for spiritually-aligned entrepreneurs.

Crystals, a candle, and a bundle of sage with a card which has "magic" printed on it.


Taking a more wholistic approach, it’s Soul-Centered Consulting for spiritual humxns. Utilizing a combination of mindful spiritual coaching tools, I assist my clients in connecting their psyche with their soul and spirit. 

hand holding a clear glass globe with trees and twilight.


A Co-Creative Space for Coaching and Mentorship, helping others to witness the sacredness in everyday life; as an invitation towards transformation

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