Hi! I'm Tricia,  Your Conscious Consultant

1:1 Conscious Consulting

I utilize an integrative approach, applying depth psychological ideas, spiritual mentorship, holistic wellness, and co-creative coaching. Some of the tools I use are working with dreams, creative imagination, somatic mindfulness, and embodied writing. 


My work with clients focuses on the entire person, the unconscious and conscious. Including the blocks and stops that get in the way of your highest good, whether you are aware of them or not. 


I was able to navigate the dark times in my life through the inspiration of others and am called to do the same. 


My areas of interest include addiction, relationships (with self and others), nutrition, food as medicine, spirituality, holistic healing, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and trauma. 

peace.love.light &shadow, Tricia

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