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Sun and moon with moon phases. Words: luna & sol conscious consulting
Hi! I'm Tricia,  Your Conscious Consultant

What is Conscious Consulting? 


As a Conscious Consultant + Depth psychologist, I take a more holistic approach, examining all aspects of a person’s life, including dreams, art, fantasies, and conscious thoughts. 


My work with clients focuses on the entire person-- the unconscious and conscious. Including the blocks and stops that get in the way of your highest good, whether you are aware of them or not.


It's  soul-centered consulting for spiritual humxns to uncover what is holding you back from your most authentic self and offer tools for healing that fit into everyday life.  

I also offer intuitive card readings, designed as a space to harness the spiritual energies of the Lunar Phases, and mini-natal chart astrology readings, opening up a soul-centered experience to your journey. 

 In light &shadow,

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