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  • Tricia Campbell

Break Down to Break Free

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Last quarter moon at 3:18p PT, moved into Aquarius at 3:27a PT.

Truth- anytime I hear the Moon, or any other planet is in Aquarius, “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” runs through my head. It’s happening right now. It helps me to remember what the qualities of this flowy, airy sign are. I envision the 60’s, Haight/Ashbury, free-love, forward thinking, willing to be creative, find the sparks of life. It’s ruled by the planet, Uranus, also possessing qualities of breakthroughs and sudden awakenings. More about this further down.

Divine Feminine

"The return of the Goddess inspires us to hope that we can heal the deep rifts

. . . . that have shaped our reality for far too long."

The Moon is symbolic of our feminine side. It’s our underlying feelings and emotions, representative of the Divine Feminine, a calling towards a sense of sacredness. One which has been destroyed and denied over centuries. This energy has been pushing its way from the depths of the shadows. It gives us the opportunity on a personal and collective level to dive deeper into understanding, meaning, and knowing. The cyclical nature of the Divine Feminine sits at the very core of what lies beneath the surface. The Moon moves through the zodiac faster than any other planet. Makes sense since our feelings and can change quickly too, right?

The Goddess myths give us the opportunity to connect in a profound way.

This Last Quarter phase is a time of reflecting on what’s happened as this cycle draws to a close. You might ask yourself, “what’s worked?” or “what hasn’t?” You might have some WTF moments. Flashes of reality that weren’t there before. Insight into what step to take next. As the night goes on, the Moon gets closer to lovely Venus, all the beauty, love, and passion, where it feels more at home.

Dark & Dirty but in a good way

Pluto, the planet associated with the archetype of the Underworld, moved retrograde on April 24th in the sign of Capricorn. Don’t worry. You don’t have to freak out like Mercury retrograde, and frankly you really shouldn’t freak out then either. However, if you have aspects of your life unattended to or that you’re shying away from, they will definitely be brought to the forefront.

In mythology, most characters find themselves on a journey to the Underworld. A quest to the depths of ones’ psyche. A journey marked by obstacles, profound truths, and offering insights of renewal and change. Rather than looking at the gods of the Underworld, such as Hades, I prefer to use the goddesses of the Underworld as my mythological go to. Goddesses such as Hecate, Ereshkigal, and Inanna, whose stories are rad as fuck and largely untold, truly signify the journey of the Underworld. More to come about these kick ass goddesses in a future blog.

But I digress… where was I. Oh, yeah, Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn is a very grounding Earth sign. It’s tenacious and gets shit done, whether you want it or not. Having this energy in Pluto means you’re REALLY going to see all those deepest parts of yourself.

It’s a slow-moving retrograde planet as it hangs out here until October 3rd. Pluto represents the shadow side of ourselves, the bits of our unconscious under the surface. Like its archetype, Pluto brings about breakdowns, and upheavals. But that’s not necessarily all bad shit. Transformation is destructive yet creative. It is a deconstruction leading to impactful healing. It is death and rebirth.

This is the time for stepping into your truth, making the scary choices, and paying attention to the revelations showing themselves to you. It’s about being unapologetic as fuck about your fine ass sparkly self.

Breaking the Mold

At some point, we outgrow the mold created for us.

Like a snake shedding its skin, our layers fall away.

Leaving us raw and exposed but transformed.

New in a way we’ve never known.

Ready to sculpt our life.

Our own way. – tricia campbell

Uranus, known for its rebellious revolutions, moved into Taurus back in March. It will be here until April 2026. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. Um, no. Uranus likes to stir the pot and make sure you’re in their stirring too. A time to expect the unexpected. We will be faced with what we are resisting and where we are being reckless. But, these are breakthroughs and sudden changes that NEED to happen. We are the vehicle of change, even if brought about by outside forces. Yet, the change itself doesn’t come from an outside source, it already exists within us. Like Pluto, Uranus’s dark side may be experienced as a resistance to change.

I must be on a Florence + the Machine kick lately, the verse of No Light, No Light, “A revelation in the light of day. You can’t choose what stays and what fades away.” Oh and “You want a revelation, some kind of resolution.” This song has been running through my head the last few days. Now I know why.

Yea, that’s exactly what the energy is going to be like today. Enjoy!

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