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Break on Through to the Other Side

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius :: 8:58a PDT :: 8.3.20

The Moon was Full in Aquarius at 8:58a PDT and the Sun is in Leo. Lots of light shining through at the moment! With light comes shadow, but more about that later. By shadow and light, I don’t mean positive or negative. They are expressions of the energies of life which we can tap into during the phases of the moon, flavored by what sign it is in. 

I know I’ve said it before, every time I hear “Aquarius,” the song “Age of Aquarius” runs through my mind. That's the kind of experience Aquarius brings- free-flowing, peace-loving, open-minded and leaning into the freedom of the future.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, a planet which inspires great change, upheaval, and innovation. This powerful planet breaks through and disrupts. It rebels. It’s the lightning strike and aha moments. It craves freedom and goes its own way. (I must be in a music kind of mood because now I’m singing Fleetwood Mac). You can read more about Aquarius and Uranus in my previous blog post.

The symbol of Aquarius is two wavy lines, said to represent knowledge, waves of change, electricity or fire. The energy of Aquarius, an air sign whose image is the Water Bearer and often mistaken for a water sign, is the free-spirit of the Zodiac. Aquarius can easily get lost in the clouds, its visions for the future, and sometimes feel like it doesn’t belong on the planet. Aquarian energy is social. It favors thoughts and beliefs over feelings. It needs wide open spaces. Free to do what it wants.


By the Light of the Moon

What does this mean for the Full Moon? The Moon represents our ability to feel emotion. Our capacity to be sensitive and connect to Soul. The illumination of the Moon is lighting the path, clearing the way for expansion. It is opening you up to the messages you are receiving, which may have sat in the shadows otherwise. It is awakening you to change you can no longer ignore. Both individual and collective. 

The expression of the Full Moon is to guide you to your truth. To show you how to step into your power. It gives us a moment to pause, to reflect. The experience of this Aquarian Moon brings new beginnings, not usual for a Full Moon. 

Aquarius wants to run and be free, sometimes at the cost of its own self care. It can be easy to do with this free-flowing energy. Turn to your grounding practices. Get your feet on the Earth. Sit quiet in meditation. Listen to your heart. One lesson of this Moon is the ways in which we can balance our need for social interaction and desire for solitude. Recommit to showing up for yourself and your community. 

Ask yourself: 

Who/What am I being drawn towards? 

Who/What am I being pulled away from? 

Notice the sticky bits that keep you from being your most authentic self. 

Not in a judgmental way but an opening to curiosity. 

Pay attention to the downloads, ideas, or inspirations coming through. We are also approaching the Lion’s Gate on 8.8. The number eight represents infinity and manifestation. It’s said a portal or pathway opens up to elevate you to your highest potential. Combine this with the Aquarian Full Moon and Sun in Leo, there’s bound to be great insight! 

One thing I know for sure, is that change will always come. Whether you’re a willing participant or not. We have the choice to go through it kicking & screaming or ride the waves. Either way is perfect. The beauty can be in the breakdown. It’s often my greatest Teacher. 

Now is the time to step outside of the box. 

Time to break free from the norm. 

Let your Inner Rebel out. 

Break on through to the other side.

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