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New Moon- Hygge State of Mind

New Moon in Taurus
The New Moon in Taurus- Saturday at 3:46p PT.

Taurus is symbolized by the Bull and is ruled by the planet Venus. I talked a little bit about Venus and Taurus in my last two Moon Musing Blogs. Taurus, an Earth sign, energy feels stable grounded, and connected. Venus energy is all the beauty, love, aesthetics, and coziness. The Moon LOVES being in Taurus! This New Moon is a great time to get out in nature, nurture yourself, and visualize abundance. Get back to the basics and make a commitment to yourself and the Earth.

Hoo-gah Chaka… I’m hooked on a feeling.

Lately, I’m obsessed with all things cozy and comfy. It’s that hygge life for me. Just hanging out in my hyggekrog, cozy reading nook, wearing my hyggebusker, cozy pants. Hygge, a Danish concept,not able to be captured in just one word and which I found out today is pronounced “hoo-gah,” is a sense of coziness and well-being in the simple things in life. It’s not a thing that can be bought but a consciousness, a state of mind, a stillness, an awareness of the present to appreciate the moment. Not just being present but recognizing its worth. Eating dinner by candlelight. Wrapping up in a cozy blanket with a warm cup of tea. Sitting at an outdoor festival talking to friends. That’s hygge.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s how I imagine this New Moon in Taurus energy. After some fiery and intense recent moon cycles, this one is going to feel yummy. This cycle, while without any major upsets is still going to be a great time for healing and insights. With Uranus in Taurus, see Break Down to Break Free, we are still asking to be adaptable and freer. Taking a look at what you are changing and how you are making the things already in your life work for you to bring in something new. So, if you’re relationship to change is a murky one, it might feel a little bit sticky.

That New New

The Lunar cycle begins with the New Moon. Think of it as hitting a little mini reset button for the next 28 days. New Moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, and manifestations.

It’s when we take a moment, sit in the darkness, and get uncomfortable with the unknown. For some, not as easy as it sounds. While the moon is appearing dark & invisible, we remember that the moon is still there. It’s a time to recenter and reconnect to what life is asking of us. It’s an opportunity to find clarity in the chaos.

Some questions you can ask yourself during the New Moon:

What do you want to bring into this new shift?

What is the life you want to create?

What dream is dreaming you?

What is getting in your way?

What action can you take today?

Baby steps are still steps.

Breathe into the feelings you are experiencing.

Ready, Set…

What does it mean to set an intention? For me, it’s going inward and listening. You can call it listening to your heart, listening to your soul, or whatever you need it to be. Sometimes, it’s a feeling or color I sense which somehow translates into words as I write it out. I do my best to not question it and to not have any attachment to a timeline.

Intentions are whatever you make them. However, make them personal (“I want so and so to change” is not a personal intention even if it feels like one), make them relatable, practical, and realistic. Setting an intention for a new Subaru Outback to come to you in the next 28 days when you have little in your bank account might be a stretch. That’s not to say you shouldn’t visualize yourself in a new car. Just know that some intentions happen over time.

So, get your journals out, light a candle, sit in a quiet space, get cozy, and take a few deep breaths. Be the manifesting bad ass that you were born to be.

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