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  • Tricia Campbell

Libra Full Moon Feels… Again!

Another Full Moon is upon us. Can you feel it?

I talked about my relationship to the moon and a bit about the significance of a full moon in my blog Full Moon Frenzy, if you want a quick recap.

La Luna

The Moon is representative of our feminine energy, a yin quality. Yin is half of the Taoist concept of the complimentary and contradictory forces in the universe. Yin energy is intuitive, inward, resting, and imaginative. We all have masculine and feminine energy, gender does not play a role here.

The other half is Yang energy, experienced as enthusiastic, excited, and outgoing. Most people know of these energies from the Yin-Yang symbol. These forces are interdependent. One color (energy) containing a piece of the other color (energy). The Moon represents the deeper work of our psyche, the unconscious.

We all know the Moon goes through phases. The energy of the Moon also shifts. So, while the Moon is Yin by nature, the Full Moon is a Yang phase. During a Full Moon, senses become heightened. It’s a time to allow the illumination to navigate our current path. A time to celebrate what has been working and a time to honor that which isn’t in alignment. It’s an opportunity for us to take action, practice self-forgiveness, and experience deep gratitude.

“Luna remains a great mystery to us …. this is the realm of myth, magic, and metaphor.”

-Simone Butler, Moon Power.

The Moon was at its most full at 4:12a PT in the sign of Libra. This is the second Full Moon in Libra, the last being in March. Take a moment and think back to what was going on in your life around Mid-March. This gives us a feeling of having a second chance to harvest any intentions that were set at the New Moon in March. Remember, Aphrodite is the Goddess of the planet Venus, ruler of Libra. Aphroditic energy is grace, beauty, joy, and passion. It adds a subtle softness to the air, almost dream-like. There's a sense of need for balance and beauty.

Photo credit: Austi V. Campbell Photography.


The Moon itself has been associated with many Goddesses, across cultures. In the Greek mythology, three Goddesses represent the Moon. Selene (full)- bright, brilliant, and benevolent; Artemis (crescent)- independent, protectress, and loyal; and Hecate (dark/new)- intuitive, guide, and companion. Become a Member to get updates about upcoming blogs to learn more about the Goddesses.

If you’re into a Lunar Practice, anytime within a day of the Full Moon is a good time to put out crystals to cleanse and recharge them. Sit down with your journal and reflect over the last two weeks since the New Moon, the Last Month, or the last season.

The last New Moon was in Aries, the opposite sign of Libra. So, if you’ve felt stretched thin or like Gumby these last two weeks, you’re not alone. Shortly after the Moon was full, Uranus in Taurus, conjuncts (or is close too) the sun. WTF does that mean?

Uranus is a planet of breakthroughs and change. Some Taurus characteristics are dedicated, dependable, and determined. When any planet is close to the Sun, it super-charges these energies. So today might feel a bit quaky, electrified, and feisty. All in a good way of course.

My favorite thing about a Lunar Practice and learning about Astrology is not the predictive nature of it. We all have free will, of course. For me, it’s more about connection. Connecting to myself, to the world around me, and to others. Many of us can feel these shifts and changes, even if we don’t know what it is. The collective unconscious is intertwined in the cosmos. It gives me a sense of being a part of something MUCH bigger than myself.

How about you? Tell me what you feel around the moon cycles.

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