Lions, Lions, and Lions... Oh My!: Sun, New Moon in Leo and Lion's Gate Portal.

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The New Moon is a time of inward curiosity. A time to pay attention and observe. The space of the New Moon offers up clarity with intention to reset and reconnect in the dark of the moon. ⁠We plant seeds, set intentions, initiate manifestations, or tap into our up-tos. When planting actual seeds into the soil, we never know what to expect. Our seeds may germinate, grow, and thrive. Our seeds might not take root. Regardless, we plant anyway knowing when the time is right, our seeds will sprout.

The New Moon in Leo will be at its peak Sunday, Aug. 8th at 6:50a PT. The New Moon is when it’s at its most dark but with the energy of Leo you have the juxtaposition of the Sun, tapping into where we shine brightest. ⁠⁠


A New Moon in Leo ignites the flames of our authentic desires. When setting intentions, connect to your heart for alignment. Tap into the playful, creativity that is Leo energy. Be courageous, own your truth, and let the inspiration sparks fly!

This cycle’s energy shines bright into the places where we are creative and passionate and also into the dark corners, the shadow parts which are hidden. Be on the lookout for self-doubt or insecurities. Like the Lioness, pride and arrogance can be present. The darkness has a way of bringing things to light. It’s darkest before the dawn, so don’t give up. ⁠

Like the Sun that commands attention and can burn when it gets too hot, so can this potent fiery energy of Leo. Pay attention to the obstacles for there is great sincerity. ⁠

This New Moon is sandwiched between two Aquarian Full Moons so Aquarian energy is a marked theme this cycle. Aquarian Moon energy has a tad bit of a rebellious side, always questioning, gathering experience. Independent and free-thinking towards progress and change.

Cosmic Connections

In other worlds...

  • Six planets in fixed signs. Fixed signs are driven, determined, and purposeful.

  • Six planets stationed retrograde (Rx) meaning lots of reviewing, reflecting, and resetting.

  • Very few planets in the element of Water. You might find it hard to connect with your emotions or have intense feelings coming through that you can’t seem to process. But a trine aspect between the Sun + Moon and Chiron might fine tune the flow of healing.

  • Sun is square Uranus in Taurus, planet of change, freedom, and breakthroughs. A square aspect is considered a challenging/dynamic aspect. Energies can be restrictive, tense, or obstacles may appear. It may be the need for change and breakdowns before the breakthroughs.

  • Uranus in Taurus is also square Saturn in Aquarius Rx creating tension between our safe boundaries and desire for freedom. You can read more about it in my blog, Cosmic Curiosities.

  • Mercury in Leo, planet of communication, the mind + intellect, is conjunct the Sun. Conjunct aspects are considered neutral, or can take a challenging or harmonious flavor. Fiery, fast, swift information may come flying at you. The important thing here is to set boundaries for self-care, and know when to say “no.”

Hear the Roar!

We are also at the pinnacle of the Sirius star or Lion’s Gate Portal. It runs from July 28th to Aug 12th. Some say 8/8 is the auspicious time while others say the date is arbitrary. This timing marks the midpoint of Leo season.

Since ancient Egyptian times the alignment of the star Sirius and the Earth, which happens on or around Aug. 8th, has been called the Lion’s Gate Portal. At this time of the year, Sirius becomes more visible in the sky. It is 26x brighter than the Sun and 2x as big. The ancestors believed it to be a gateway to the heavens and a time of illuminated consciousness.

Sirius is often called the Spiritual Sun. As it rises, it ignites our higher self and the truth of who we are and why we are here. Our physical Sun is in Leo, symbolized by the Lion and ruled by our heart center. It’s the midpoint of Leo season, the peak at which the Sun is in its full power and expression. The Sun represents our physical journey. Auspiciously on the New Moon this year, it brings a unique union of insight, intuition, and our ancestral/spirit guides.

8.8 in Numerology, represents the infinite (turned on its side the 8 becomes ♾️), spirituality, abundance, and power. But it’s so much more than material abundance and power. We are being given the gift of exposing the balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Universally, this is a time when the veil is being lifted. Light is being shone into the corners exposing shadows which have always been there but we can no longer ignore. This is an opportunity to tap into the Divine Wisdom of this threshold between the physical and spiritual. We can choose to cross this bridge or remain where we are.

You may find your energy and awareness have been heightened. Some experience flashes of emotions, unexpected changes, vivid dreams or breakthroughs. Others might feel the energy in their physical bodies, a quiet hum or vibration or change in sleep patterns. Everyone will have a different experience, so it’s important to pay attention to how YOU experience it!

Pay attention to your dreams, intuitions, insights, and synchronicities that have been showing up since the end of July through mid Aug. They will be most potent on Saturday.

Keep your heart opened.

Tap into your soul’s purpose.

Stay grounded.

Honoring your emotions is key.

Be an observer and remain curious.


New Moon in Leo on Sunday : Aug 8th at 6:50a PT during the Lion's Gate Portal

New Moons are the descent into the depths. The space between destruction and creation, a liminal transition as our slate is cleared. A veritable cosmic emptying.

When the New Moon is in Leo, we can lean into the pride, passion, and power of the Lion/ess. Tending to the flame of our inner fire. We can use this light to look past our limiting beliefs, see our gifts for what they are, be a little show-offy, and have some fun! ⁠

The Lion's Gate Portal opens up our potential to exponential inner growth.

As our consciousness expands we make way for a clearer connection to our intuition.

Lots of Fire energy, little Water energy pay attention to the flames of tempers that burn while making space for the waves of emotions!

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