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  • Tricia Campbell

Summer, Summer, Summertime

In the Northern Hemisphere, yesterday was Summer Solstice, the longest day of sun. In Summer, we transition to heat, the Fire element, celebration, and abundance. Everything comes into full bloom. This shift can be jarring for some. Watch out for irritability and impatience. Remember to slow down in the midst of all the go energy that Summer brings.

Find ways to stay cool and relaxed. Eating more raw foods helps keep your intake lighter and easier to digest. With heat, comes a tendency for the body to detox. Up your water intake!

Reflect on the seeds/intentions you planted at the Spring Equinox.

Has anything bloomed?

What didn’t?


The word “solstice” comes from the Latin, sol ("sun") and sistere ("to stand still"). It is within these moments of pause when the Divine’s intelligent wisdom is most potent. It’s a time to reset, to release. Time to be ready and willing to let that fucking shit go, even if it doesn’t happen right away because we all know how that goes.

Summer Solstice's ancient ritual origin dates back more than 6,000 years, according to some. Stonehenge, in the UK, is a highly popular location for Pagans to celebrate this day. It's the only time when the sun rises through the middle of the stones and shines on the central altar. For the Pagan religion, the midsummer day holds a unique power when the veil lifts. In ancient times, a ritual of lighting of fires heralded the start of shorter days, in hopes the flames would keep the dark at bay.

Solstices draw in the power of the opposites- igniting the flames and casting tall shadows. Connect to your heart and passions, your fires and your shadows. Each with their own magnificent lesson and a chance to reveal the magic you already possess. Take time to journal, play, meditate, or just get outside.


Jumping Jupiter!

Auspiciously yesterday, at 8:04a, Jupiter in Pisces stationed Retrograde for the next four months. Jupiter’s cycle around the Zodiac is 12 years. Spending a year in each sign. Every year to 18 months, it stations retrograde for 4 months. Retrogrades gift us time to go inward. With Jupiter Retrograde, we take stock in our ideals and beliefs, a deep questioning and searching as our inner truths are revealed. Jupiter energy draws our focus back from the intrinsic details of life to the immense depth and breadth of the world.

The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is symbolized by themes of expansion, optimism, success, and abundance. Jupiter is our active need for purpose, belief, and hope. In its shadow forms, Jupiter energy tends towards superiority, self-righteousness, excess, and restlessness.

In Pisces, Jupiter taps into our spiritual connection, broadening our horizons as we experience our inner world. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, so the energy is comfortable here.

Pisces is the Mystic, the Dreamer, deeply connected to instincts and profound spiritual insights. Some say it’s the most spiritual or empathic sign of the zodiac. Pisces asks you to slow down, feel the feelings, and let them wash over you to soothe your soul.

What is your relationship to spirituality and intuition?

⁠Do you trust your intuition?

Do you feel in to it?

Be curious about your emotions and boundaries, so as not to be overwhelmed by them.

Jupiter moves into Aquarius in mid-July, reflecting what we experienced mid-Spring, until December when it goes back to Pisces for its year-long transit. So these next few weeks will give us a future look into 2022.

With energy moving from a shifting water sign to a fixed air sign, you might find yourself feeling a bit hazy and dazed. As usual, we all will experience this energy in different ways with the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius being most impacted. Most importantly, it’s a chance to deepen into the grace you give to yourself and others.

We've also left Gemini season and entered Cancer season. After the changeable, twirly, energetic Gemini, you might find the ambitious, yet mellow, intuitive, and watery emotional Cancer a welcome change. But more on that later!

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