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  • Tricia Campbell

Virgo New Moon: Take Aim + Get Shit Done

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Tomorrow at 4a PDT is the Virgo New Moon. Virgo energy is all about details. Talk less and do more. If Virgo had a motto, it would probably be something like “I analyze, I organize, I get shit done.”

Virgo energy has a keen sense of the smallest details. It’s persistent, observant, and doesn’t waste time in doing so. The shadow side is a tendency towards perfectionism, being overly critical, and not stepping back to see the big picture. And even to be a tad bit self-involved.

The New Moon is a time of inward curiosity. A time to pay attention and observe. The space of the New Moon offers up clarity with intention to reset and reconnect in the dark of the moon. ⁠

The Lunar cycle begins with the New Moon. Think of it as hitting a little mini reset button for the next 28 days. New Moon is a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, and manifestations. 

We take the time to sit, get comfortable in the discomfort of the darkness. We allow our eyes to adjust to the night vision we need to gain clarity which only the dark can bring. We are gifted with a clean slate. The veil between the manifest and imagined has lifted. It’s the pause between destruction and creation. It’s a great time to tune into what your inner thoughts, dreams, and intuitions are. 

Write them out, draw them out, dance them out. Really feel into them. 

What do you desire?

What do you wish to manifest? 

What don’t you want? 

Wander into the abyss and trust your higher self already has everything you need.


Artemis Awakened

"There is something moon soaked

and dawn flavoured about her.

Something kissed by the wild

and loved by lightning.

She looks like Artemis

after a night of storm hunting.

She looks like the sun as it rises

after kissing the dawn."

- Nikita Gill

A Virgo Moon is methodical, independent, and very grounded to the Earth. Artemis is the Goddess of Virgo. She’s a huntress and protectress, of animals, of women, of nature. As a protector of women, she’s also seen as the Goddess of Childbirth, a midwife. She’s pictured with her bow and arrow, to signify her pointed focus. She acts swiftly and as the Goddess of the Crescent Moon, she carries a light in her hand. 

In short, Artemis doesn’t fuck around.

Acts of service are not only important, they are her life’s work. She doesn’t need the support or approval of any other. She is whole and complete within herself. But her need for self-sufficiency can leave her feeling alone and disconnected. We all need somebody in the end. 

Why does any of this matter? It gives us a picture, something tangible to think of when we are trying to understand life. It’s easier to imagine what Artemis would look like, be like, and see how that shows up in our own life. 

You can tap into her energy to support you during this time. Imagine you’re picking up her bow and arrow, aiming at whatever task you need to get done. Even though Artemis is a huntress, there is a softness in her feminine energy. She’s there for the birthing, of new ideas, new inspirations, new ways of understanding. 


Other Star Shit Happening

Other planetary aspects are aiding this New Moon. 

Mercury, planet of communication, is in Libra, symbolized by balance. So it’s a nice complement to Virgo energy. If things start to get too one way or another, Mercury in Libra will help to recalibrate.

Neptune, planet of dreams + imagination, is opposite the New Moon. When planets are opposite one another, the two energies create tension but with positive results, bringing awareness and insight as they meet in the middle. Normally, it would intensify our dreams and plans but Neptune is Retrograde, meaning we may find some limitations. All that means is to draw from the Virgo/Artemis energy and focus on each step. Not the entire marathon. 

Lastly, there is a Saturn-Pluto trine the New Moon. When planets are in a trine aspect, they work together in support and harmony. So the structure of Saturn, combined with the transformation of Pluto, and the new beginnings of the New Moon, will help guide us to the answers we need, with clarity, and action that feels productive. 



This Virgo Moon calls for us to just focus on one thing at a time. Break things down into smaller, practical actions. Be aware of your relationship to self-doubt. Take some time to list out or check in with your daily habits, routines, and health. 

Reflection questions to ask: 

Where am I being too critical? 

Where am I overthinking things? 

How can I be of service to help others? 

What am I procrastinating on doing? Why? 

Be delicate with your feelings. Be gentle on yourself. Be strong. Be focused. Pick up that bow and arrow, aim it, and let it fly. 

*Remember, none of these are absolutes. They are just ways to perceive and be curious about what is going on around you and within you. They are what Joseph Campbell called, "a personification of energy, both spiritual and consciousness, that dwell in an individual." Signs and planets are not gendered, when referenced by She, He or They could also be used.

* By shadow and light, I don’t mean positive or negative. They are expressions of the energies of life which we can tap into during the phases of the moon, flavored by what sign it is in.⁠

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