Consulting & Mentorship


Soul Exploration

In this session, we will work to identify, acknowledge, and accept what is holding you back from your highest good.

Duration: 30 - 60 Minutes




Conscious Copywriting

With your brand, vision, and mission in mind, I create mindful content for your blog, website, and/or social media, 

Duration: appox. 1 hour

Ritual Readings


This 3-Card Reading draws on the illumination and transformation of the Full Moon. 

Digital Download

Full Moon Card Reading


This 5-Card Reading is designed as a space to harness the spiritual energies & new beginnings of the New Moon Cycle.

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New Moon Card Reading


This 3-Card Reading taps into the energies of the Waxing (First Quarter) or Waning (Last Quarter) Moon.



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Quarter Moon Card Reading


This 4-Card Reading is a beautiful way to connect with the energy of La Luna, to work with them & not against them.


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Lunar Phase Card Reading


A 3-Card Reading customized for you to gain insight into a particular area of life, healing, or energy balancing.

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Customized 3-Card Reading

Sacred Wellness

We have taken on more and more density in our human journey, holding less Light.

The session includes balancing of etheric, auric, elemental, dimensional, and magnetic energies.

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes

DNA Activation


Energetic cords create links between you and other people.


A cutting severs all negative emotional cords that have ever been formed. 

Duration: appox. 45 minutes

Emotional Cord Cutting


Reiki balances body, mind, heart and spirit in a structured way through light, gentle, non-intrusive touch, or remote, compassionate intention and regard. 

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Jikiden Reiki