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As a spiritually aligned entrepreneur, harnessing the power of language to tell your story is key. Conscious Copywriting provides mindful and intuitive copywriting and editing services that help you authentically connect with your audience. Let's collaborate to craft a message that invites curiosity and speaks from the heart. Writing services include, but not limited to website content, guest blogs, email campaigns, and manuscript editing.

*Prices vary based on project complexity, amount of strategy & planning, type of project, and deadline timeline. 

Basic Proofreading


Basic Proofreading provides a final polish that enhances overall readability and professionalism.

  • Light copy edit that focuses on typos and other errors. 

  • Includes problems with typesetting specifications and page makeup.

  • Often compare the latest stage of the project to earlier stages and make sure changes have been made correctly.

Nonfiction Copyediting


Nonfiction Copyediting seeks to enhance clarity and concision through enhanced examination and inquiry.

  • Corrects spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation

  • Checks cross-references

  • Reviews all aspects of the manuscript making notations and light revisions.

Developmental Editing

$80/ hour

Development Editing takes great awareness to each word and tone of voice, making certain that your messaging is consistent and purposeful.



Formatting plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall integrity of your writing and facilitates a seamless reading experience for the audience.

  • Arrangement and presentation of written content to ensure consistency

  • Adheres to established style guidelines

  • Encompasses elements such as font styles, spacing, citation formats, headings, and page layout.

  • Aligns with industry or publishing standards.

Nonfiction Copywriting

starts at $150/page

Nonfiction Copywriting aims to captivate the reader by conveying key messages clearly and prompting desired actions and understanding.

  • Landing pages

  • Website copy

  • Email campaigns

  • Marketing ads

  • Brochures

  • Product pages

And more!​

Content Writing


Content Writing uses keen attention to detail and wordsmithing to invite a deeper curiosity and connection to the

heart of your business.


  • ​Detailed assessment and refinement of the structure, content, and clarity your manuscript/writing. 

  • Ensure it effectively communicates your ideas to your target audience.

  • Focused on assuring the organization and presentation of information is coherent.

  • Refine & maintain your voice.

  • Verify the accuracy of facts and references, aiming to enhance the overall impact and accessibility of your work.

  • Blogs

  • Social Media Content

  • Articles

  • Email newsletters

And more!

Don't see what you're looking for?

Contact me to discuss your unique business needs. 

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