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  • Tricia Campbell

Your Style tells Your Story

What we wear is so much more than just clothes or fashion.

It's a way for us to tell our story, even if we don't have the words yet.

My sister Michelle (left) & me (right). Circa 1975

My father recently told me that as a little girl, I was always fussing with my shirts to get them to sit just right, to look just so. I've always taken great care in picking out my outfits. Even as a teen, when baggy un-washed pants and flannel tees were all the rage, it still mattered to me which un-washed pants I was wearing. Despite loving creating my own style, I loathed having to try clothes on.

“I believe we all have dark shadowy times to balance out the light and brighter times. It’s important to acknowledge and understand both parts of ourselves. In doing so, it’s where the magic happens.”

You see, when I was three years old, I had surgery on my bladder. This left a scar from hip to hip, like a c-section scar but bigger. They cut into the muscle and my stomach didn't develop like "normal." I was highly self-conscious of it. I had to have clothes that fit in a way that it wouldn't show.

I jokingly call myself a #freakishlyshort human.

I do this because I've learned to have a little, no pun intended, fun with my vertically challenged self. Also, it helps people have an idea of how short I actually am. Want to know? Just ask! 

I haven't always loved this about myself. From a very young age, seeing how much shorter I was than all the other kids made me feel out of place. I was made fun of, then and now. My mother made mine and my sister's clothes for a time but as our family grew, it was easier to shop at clothing stores. But clothes never really quite fit right. Going to a store to try clothes on became a chore and quite frankly, anxiety provoking. Thank heavens for 90's Grunge fashion! I could just wear baggy jeans and flannels and it didn't matter what the size was. Over time, I just became used to cutting, hacking, and stitching hems by hand, why I never learned to sew still boggles my mind.

Putting clothes on is an every day thing, for most of us. It shouldn't be the thing you dread the most. Bathing suit bottoms were the worst. They had to have the right cut to cover my scar. Dressing rooms and the "fun-house" mirrors were the worst. Needless to say, I had a very low sense of self and body image. I fell into disordered eating habits and a strained relationship with food. I followed down a dark road, a story for another time. I believe we all have dark, shadowy times to balance out the light and brighter times. It’s important to acknowledge and understand both parts of ourselves. In doing so, it’s where the magic happens.

My Soul Story

For as long back as I can remember, I've felt as though my purpose on this earth is to serve others. To help them find their voice, their authentic selves, their inner strengths and beauties. Being a Libra, we generally love all things about beauty, I've been keenly attuned to the beauty around me. Beauty in any form.

I became a stylist about a year and a half ago. I started my business to be able to make my own hours and take better care of my health. I quickly realized there was so much more to being a stylist than just putting together outfits. More women were like me, afraid to try clothes on. They didn't like how their bodies looked. They struggled to love themselves.

It was then that I came to the understanding that what we wear is about so much more than just clothes. We pick colors, styles, and fabrics based on how we are feeling, how we want to communicate, and what we want to say. Our style is a window into our souls, giving voice to our inner landscape until we can find the words. It's what I've come to call Your Soul Style. As a stylist, I've found a piece of my soul- purpose, to help other beings find comfort in their bodies. To find the strength to step into their authenticity. To learn how to love themselves.

If you struggle with body-image, unsure of your style sense, or are just plain curious about what I do, join me on YOUR SOUL STYLE JOURNEY today!

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